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Lynette Cook

Daly City, CA


I am a fine art painter, widely known as an out-of-this-world space artist, who has returned to Earth in recent years.

A child of the Midwest, I moved South for college, receiving a BS in biology and a BFA in drawing and painting from Mississippi University for Women. After graduating with a MFA from the California College of the Arts (drawing, with a specialization in scientific illustration), I became the staff Artist/Photographer for the Morrison Planetarium and my space career was launched.

Via freelance work and subsequent self-employment I have worked with researchers and science educators at the forefront of scientific discoveries. Among them is Dr. Geoff Marcy, an astrophysicist who, with his collaborators, has discovered over 250 extrasolar planets to date. This has resulted in worldwide publication of my space images in books, periodicals, documentaries, press releases, and web sites published/produced by Astronomy, BBC Television, CNN, The Discovery Channel, Japan Public Television, NASA, Newsweek, the San Francisco Chronicle, Scientific American, Time, UCLA, and US News & World Report (a partial list). I’ve also been featured on ABC7 News (KGO) and in USA Today.

Though trained traditionally, the field of science illustration moved into the digital age and I too allowed the magic of the mouse and tablet to direct my imagery. In 2009, a challenging health issue led to a period of introspection during which I reflected about what was most important to me. I realized that in “keeping up with the times” as an illustrator I had lost part of what I most valued and enjoyed as an artist: holding blank paper and canvas in my hands and watching the transformation of pigment from a palette into recognizable images that resonated with my spirit. This call to return to my traditional roots convinced me to recommit to fine art. Here was a different magic, equally compelling, that needed a voice.

I now explore earthly subjects again, ranging from contemporary visions of time-worn buildings to colorful inspirations of everyday life. I am excited by this journey, where even a short walk down the street can result in a new discovery worth painting.

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